Prayer Times


*** WVIC has opened up for Jumu'ah since Friday, May 22nd, 2020 with the below rules. ***

Jumu'ah Timings:
First Session - 12:40-1:10pm 
Second Session - 1:30-2:10pm
Rules and regulations (no exceptions on any of these. Those not comfortable with these rules should consider staying home until further notice)
1. All attendees will have to wear face masks. We will inshallah provide one if you don't have a mask. We will also provide hand sanitizers for all inshallah.
2. No physical contact between attendees (hugging/kissing/handshakes).
3. Kids under the obligatory age of praying will be not allowed for now. 
4. The sick and those vulnerable to disease should not attend jum'ua and should take necessary precaution, such as consulting their doctors/physicians. 

 Updated March 31, 2022